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Learn Reiki for self care and personal development

Posted by Julia Cornelius on

Anchorhaven College of Mystical Wellness introduces:

A one day course of "Fusion Reiki"

During this full day training we will explore the origins of Reiki energy healing and discuss the similarities and principles of some of the different modalities available.

We will discuss and work with the following:

  • Fusion Reiki symbol to attune our energies to the vibration of the healing energy. 
  • We will practice drawing the symbol and activating our Reiki flow.
  • Practice hand positions for self care and meditation.
  • Discuss Reiki principles and precepts, daily practices.
  • Look at the Indian energy system of the Chakra and how they can be balanced with Reiki, Colour therapy and Crystals.
  • Practice methods for grounding, centering and protecting our energies with Reiki and Crystals
  • Practical activities
  • Question times and feedback
  • Guided visualization

Prerequisites: None

This course is suitable for all. No previous Reiki attunements are required.

Fusion Reiki can be used as stand alone healing modality or added to other healing modalities such as Usui Reiki.

Please contact Julia with questions about our courses and workshops.