AnchorHaven Mystical Wellness Studio & Crystal Gift Shop - Join us for a Mini Retreat on Sunday 14th August

Courses & Workshops

Anchorhaven has short courses and workshops available in the New Ferry, Wirral based Mystical wellness studio.

Check our course and events pages for evening merry meets, workshops and introduction courses such as: Introduction to crystals, Intro to Aura cleansing, Intro to crystal grids and manifesting, magical herbology, introduction to pendulums, crystal healing, crystal party plus

Reiki Essence refresher course has been designed to help build the confidence and practice for people who have been attuned to Reiki universal life force but may be out of practice or need guidance to help protect their personal energy.

Fusion Reiki - one day course including symbol attunement and manual. How to use Fusion reiki for self healing, animal healing and manifesting. This course will cover basics such as grounding, centering and protecting your energies. Daily practices and lifestyle plus practical exercises with Reiki and Crystals.

Afternoon crystal healing group - This weekly group session will be available on Mondays and Fridays starting in August. Come and experience new crystals and methods. Lets enjoy guided, calming visualizations together and share in a group crystal healing experience. Suitable for teenagers and adults.

We are looking for local speakers for our monthly events. Please get in touch.

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