Crystal Healing Therapy

New for 2022

Julia is now available for crystal therapy treatments in our new Mystical Wellness Studio in New Ferry.

Crystal Therapy, Crystal Facial Massage, Aura Cleanse and Massage, Crystals with Reiki treatment also available.

Crystal therapy works with your bodies subtle energies to help you heal, balance and de-stress.

Julia is a Reiki master and intuitive crystal healer.

Guest Therapists - Check our events page for monthly guest speakers and holistic therapists who may be available at our Mystical Wellness Studio.

If you would like to use our wellness room for holistic therapies, please contact us to discuss options.



Special Case Studies:

As part of the ACHO crystal therapist certification, Julia will require a couple of volunteers for crystal therapy treatments to aid her level 2 certificate and Diploma level 3.

This will be 6 free of charge crystal therapy treatments across 6 - 12 weeks, some of the treatments may be done via distance healing and others in a treatment room in Rock Ferry CH42 or nearby.

Candidates for the case study must commit to 6 treatments (minimum of 4 in-person and 2 via distant healing).

What does the crystal therapy session involve?

  • An individual treatment plan will be developed with you.
  • Each session will begin with a discussion of what to expect and how you are currently feeling.
  • We may start with a relaxation visualization or soothing music plus an aura cleanse.
  • Different crystals and healing methods may be used each time. You will receive approx 40 minutes of crystal healing which will include crystals, colour therapy and sound.
  • The session will end with a grounding technique and an after-care discussion where notes will be taken about your experience.

The case study healing sessions will involve different crystal healing techniques working with your auric and body energies.

Each person may experience the healing session differently. 

Those who are new to energy healing may experience a sense of relaxation. A feeling of tingles or energy moving within the body. Some people may not experience any physical symptoms and others may fall asleep. Which is all perfectly fine.

Those that are energy aware may see colours or images in their 3rd eye or feel energy moving around them.

Each person and each treatment is unique.

Julia has worked with crystals as an intuitive crystal healer for many years. As Julia completes her advanced training with a crystal healing college, the case studies will allow Julia to become a qualified Crystal Healing Therapist practitioner accredited and registered with the Affiliation of Crystal Healers Organisations (ACHO).