Workshops - Mini Courses

[Anchorhaven crystals and mystical wellness studio is available for fun workshops, parties and short courses.

Reiki Essence Refresher | Tea Leaf Reading | Wand Decorating | Crystal Party | Actors Workshops | Merry Meets |

 Guest Speaker Special Events ~ Herbology ~ Yoga ~ Breathing Techniques ~ Creative Song Writing ~ Song Therapy ~ Creative Expression ~ and more to be listed soon,

Reiki Essence Refresher - for Reiki attuned practitioners

This refresher is designed for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 level practitioners who would like to refresh on the methods, learn grounding, centering and protection techniques to safe guard their energy.

Maybe you have not practiced Reiki for a while or you wish to increase your confidence.

Please note: This workshop does not include attunements. It is a get together of Reiki attuned individuals who would like to practice their technique, share stories and ask questions in a safe and fun environment.

This session will include some practice, a guided visualization and can be tailored to the groups needs.

Duration: approx. 2 hours - includes refreshments

Cost: £8 each

Dates: to be confirmed - contact us to register your interest.

(Please contact us if you would like to come but can not pay right now, we would love to have you join us. You could contribute by helping organize on the day / promoting the event eg bring a Reiki friend or Share on social media).

Reiki Master Teachers: Julia and Lorraine.


Beginners Tasseography - Tea Leaf Reading

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Cost: £10 per person (Max 6 people)


Introduction to divination through the old art of tea leaf reading for yourself and others.

Included: Tea and Cake, Learning materials and instruction.

plus VIP access to the Crystals and Mystical Shop.

Tutor: Julia and Pauline/Suzanne

Workshop Dates:

Thursday 26th May, 30th June, 21st July, 25th August, 29th September.

Arrival Time: from 6pm

 This can be booked as a party on a different date.

 [In Harry Potter, Tessomancy was the magical art of reading tea leaves to predict future events. Tessomancy was taught in divination class at Hogwarts, in the third-year and sixth-year.]


Other Short Courses and Workshops at Anchorhaven Crystals & Mystical Wellness Studio - available from May 2022:


Wand Decorating for children or adults.

  • Children's workshop will include crafting, colouring and gluing of crystals or gems (You can make this a party and bring your own refreshments).
  • Adults workshop can also include wand guardianship bonding exercises and magical object activation symbol carving).

Introduction to Pendulums (divination and healing methods)

  • Similar to our introduction to crystals session, but can also include healing practices and Guided Visualization.

Introduction to Crystals / Ladies Night Crystal Party 

  • Get some friends together at your place or at Anchorhaven Mystical Studio. We will have fun learning how to choose, cleanse and work with crystals. Bring your own refreshments.

Merry Meet - Crystals Swap 

  • Bring your crystals that you would like to learn more about or maybe swap with someone else. This evening will include light refreshments and crystal bonding activities/guided visualization.

Merry Meet - Crafting Circle

  • We are open to ideas for this crafting circle. Please contact us with your ideas or club details. This will be a fun meet up with like-minded mystical people.

More fun workshops and short courses to be added soon to Anchorhaven Wirral.