4 Week Crystal Guardian Masterclass Course


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Join us for 4 (or more) sessions  of Crystal Guardian masterclass.

The 4 week in-person course will delve into the following areas

Week One: Caring for and using crystals for self care - choosing, bonding, cleansing, identifying crystals,  using a crystal pendulum for divination and healing. 

Plus crystal visualisation calming meditation.

Week Two: Aura healing using crystals - scanning and sensing the aura. Learning about the subtle bodies of each auric layer. Practice seeing and Drawing the aura. Strengthening and Protecting the aura.

plus guided visualisation to sense, heal and protect your aura.

Week Three:  introduction to Chakra energy centres using crystals and your senses. Oracle Cards - chakra and crystal cards  plus pendulum arcs to dowse chakra health. Working with your senses and the elements.

pkus guided visualisation to connect with your chakra energy centres.

Week Four: introduction to crystals for your home including Feng Shui and Geo Stress. Where to place crystals. Pendulum dowsing to identify areas of unbalanced energy in the home. Methods to cleanse energies in the home.

plus guided visualisation to create a chi ball through your home to cleanse the energy.


Week Five: Optional extra class £15 - crystals and energy healing for animals. Looking at animal chakra energy centres. Crystal layouts and grids for healing in person and distantly. Working with intuition to connect to your pets energy. Using a pendulum to dowse, divine and chakra balance.


Week Six: Optional extra class £25 - working with crystal skulls / Dragon energy.

This master class involves specific crystal healing tools and will include a guided visualisation and meditation.


Masterclass limited to 6 spaces.

approx 2.5 hours long

dates to be confirmed.

refreshments included.

* Don’t worry if you have attended one of our classes before. The course content for our masterclass courses and crystals will vary compared to our introduction courses.

Each class will build and follow on from the previous class. Attendance at all classes is preferred as no refund for missed classes. You would need to book a 121 catch up session of £15 each for any classes missed to enable a course completion certificate to be issued.