Birthday Party - Crystals & Cards - Room Hire


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Hire our party room for a Crystals & Cards party and have 2 hours of fun learning about crystals and wellness.

Our parties are suitable for all ages and will be tailored to suit your Birthday.

Please message to confirm your preferred date and time. A 50% deposit is required to secure your party time.

The price includes Crystal Tuition, room decoration, refreshments/snacks and a gift to take home.

You will need to bring the cake and any specific dietary requirements.

The room can comfortable sit 10 people.

There is an additional space where adults can wait and have a cup of tea.


Option 1 - Young Children (Primary School Age)

The crystal party will include a introduction to Crystals, Colours and their relation to our emotions and expressions.

It will include creative activities with crystals such as how to choose crystals, how to cleanse crystals with sound, colouring crystal grids and other patterns. Creating Mandala shapes with crystals.

This party can be designed around your childs interests. It can also include positive words and affirmations associated with each crystal.

It can be themed eg Pirate / Fairy 

Young children have a natural affinity to crystals.

** Please note a minimum of 2 adults/parents are required to help supervise this party.

** Other Adults are welcome to stay and help or wait in the break room with refreshments.


Option 2 - Older Children (High School Age)

This crystal party will look at crystal properties, how to choose and cleanse.

It will also include Aura cleansing activities and a guided visualisation or meditation.

This party can be tailored to your childs specific interests and we can also look at Crystal Inspiration oracle cards and affirmations for positive thinking.

** Please note an adult is required to stay and supervise this party **

Option 3 - Adult Party 

This crystal party will look into crystal choosing, care, cleansing and an introduction to the Chakra energy system and crystal colour therapy.

It will involve interactive activities and a guided visualisation.

You can choose an evening party and bring your own refreshments

Optional extras include a personal Tarot Card reading.


Option 4  [Room Hire Only - 2 hours]

Book the space for a private party or meeting.

The room can seat 10 people with or without a central table. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

You will have access to both rooms, with private access to the main room and shared access to the smaller room which leads to the welfare facilities.