Monthly Mystery Box with Crystals - Variety Pay As You Go - Choose Theme


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Treat yourself or a friend to an exciting surprise this month.

This mystery box will contain 5 items or more.

Free Shipping to UK.

Its contents will vary and may include items such as:

1. Crystals

2. Aromatherapy / Incense / Smudge

3. Book / Print / Artist designed inspiring greeting card.

4. Ornament / Skincare

5. Handmade Jewellery or inspiring quotes items.

Photos are to give you an idea of the types of items you may receive. The actual contents will be unique and chosen intuitively for your order.


The mystery box is tailored for those who love new age. metaphysical and wellness items.

Please select what theme your would like for your box.

For specific items (eg for children - boys or girls) please send us a message after purchase to and we will try to accommodate.

We cannot guarantee on time delivery, but will do our best to ship out your box within 48 hours of purchase.

Mystery boxes will be available each month. You should not receive the exact same item twice as we have a wide range.

No need to subscribe, just come back and purchase another box when you are ready.