Crystal Energy Meridian Hand Massage


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This hand treatment uses crystals to energize your Chinese Meridian energy lines.

The Meridian energy system is considered to be the energy highways of the body. The energy flow through our body just under our skin.

Any blockages in the Meridian system may be caused by stress, poor diet, drug or alcohol intake, injury or trauma and can be related to the cause of all health issues.

It is believed that this energy flow of Chi/Ki covers our overall existence; how we think, how we feel, how our body moves.

The gentle Meridian Massage Crystal treatment (touch point crystal therapy) can be done sitting and can help to restore the equilibrium of energy within your whole body system.

Duration - approx 15 minutes.

Price is for one hand.

See other options and pricing available.

Hand and Foot option - this includes a full Meridian energy line flush and can be done laying down or sitting. Approx duration 45 minutes and includes full personal consultation.