Crystal Therapy Treatment plus options


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Please contact us to arrange the date and time for your session.

We are currently open weekday evenings and weekends.

Crystal healing therapy is a relaxing session to allow your bodies subtle energies to regain their balance.

You will be fully clothed and lay on a therapy couch/reclining chair. Some activities such as aura cleanse can be done standing or sitting.

While you relax and listen to soothing music, the crystal therapist will lay crystals around you and may place some small crystals on your body and ask you to hold a crystal.

Our bodies energy can be erratic at times, so when we are near crystal energy which is pure and stable, our body will try to match this energy. When our bodies energy becomes more stable, we are better able to heal and stay calm in our daily life.

Your session will include:

  • A personal consultation 
  • A scan of your chakra energy centers with hand/pendulum to highlight areas of imbalance. 
  • Crystal healing - specific crystals will be chosen for your needs by the therapist and laid on and around you while the crystal therapist watches over you and works with your bodies aura to cleanse, heal and protect your energy.
  • An aura scan and cleanse with crystals.
  • The session will close with a drink of crystal infused water and a biscuit to help with grounding your energies.

Your session will be approximately 45 minutes.

Other options available. This session can be extending to include:

1. Crystal Therapy session plus an extra 20 minutes of time to talk about crystals and answer questions. 

2. Crystal Therapy session plus a crystal facial massage. The crystal facial massage works purely with the touch and energy of crystals, which will be gently moved over your skin. No need to remove make up. No chemicals or creams will be used.

The crystal energy facial massage feels cool, calm and refreshing on your skin. Your skin absorbs the energy from the crystal to recharge and rebalance. 

3. Crystal Therapy plus light box Aura Cleanse - this involves coloured lights and crystal energy. Your Aura absorbs the crystal energy and colour therapy to rebalance and repair. This is a relaxing session.

4. Crystal healing therapy plus Aura Massage / Repair - Julia will cleanse your aura and work through the subtle bodies of your aura layers with crystal energy. This session can be useful for deeper healing and aura repair.