Essence of Ceylon - Luxury Incense Sticks - Various


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Essence of Ceylon luxury incense sticks are high in quality and outstanding in global standards. No particle nor stain comes off with touch. products are certified as 100% lead-free and non-toxic and “Ozone friendly” product, hence are perfectly safe for use.

20 incense sticks per pack.
You will receive one pack. Choose from the available scents.

Kashmeer Saffron aroma is very rich and floral settling down to a beautiful heady floral fragrance.

Night Angel is an exquisite flower with sweet intoxicating aroma perfect for creating a romantic and a truly stylish home atmosphere.

Nippon Sakura - unique floral fragrance of Sakura envelops the senses in the freshness of spring and it will take you serenely to a magical far off land, where you will find the perfect mood for relaxation.

Spirit of Nature - hand rolled incense sticks and hand woven palm leaf pouch, packed in Sri Lanka. Contains 20 sticks.