Palo Santo Holy Wood Stick 3pc


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Palo Santo wood sticks from Peru, South America.

This naturally fragrant wood can be burned like incense to cleanse your home, aura and crystals.

Light the stick and blow out. Move the smoke around your home, aura and crystals to cleanse and purify. Palo santo is used to help clear negative energy.

You will receive 3 sticks approx 10 cm each.

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Also known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo helps clear negative energy. The high resin content of the wood is believed to have purifying properties when it's burned, hence why it was traditionally used to clear negative energy and purify spaces, people, and objects.

Anchorhaven uses a supplier to ensure Palo Santo sticks imported from Peru are done in an ethical manner.

Our supplier states: The village in Peru we import the Palo Santo from only procures its wood from naturally fallen trees at the end of their lifespan. Our Palo Santo NEVER derives from trees that are carelessly cut down.