Reiki- Distance Healing Session 30 minutes


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This Reiki healing session will be sent to you via distance healing.

You will receive a 30 minutes healing session via chi ball - to allow you to call in Reiki when you have a suitable time.

All you will need to do is ensure you are in a calm setting, relax and be ready to receive with a curious and open mind. Set the intention to call in the Reiki that has been sent just for you for the highest good.

Those who are energy aware may feel the sensation of receiving healing energy, tingles in the body or they may see colours or shapes in their 3rd eye. Others may just feel relaxed or fall asleep, which is perfectly fine.

Reiki will be channeled to you with the intention for you to receive healing energy for the highest good, to go wherever it is needed most and to balance your chakra energy healing centers. 

If you do have a specific intention for your session please add a message to your order. Such as using Reiki to amplify the law of attraction / focus on a specific future or past event / send healing to a pet.

Please send a message with your needs.