Sage Spirit Smudge Stick - Large


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Large sage smudge stick 7 inch - choose from available blends.

You will receive one smudge stick.

Desert sage smudge sticks. Artemesia tridentata grows wild over much of the high plateau of the South western States. It is used traditionally by many Native Americans in smudging ceremonies.

Sage Spirit smudge sticks are made with sage from New Mexico, USA

How to use sage smudge sticks:

1. Have a fire proof dish and a means of fire handy.

2. open doors and windows to create a route for the smoke and negative energies to escape from your home.

3. Light the end of the sage stick. Allow to catch fire for a minute and then blow out.

4. Move the sage stick around your home allowing the smoke to flow around objects that need cleansing. Use a feather to direct the smoke.

5. Use the fire proof dish to catch any ash that may fall from the smudge stick or you can light the stick and place safely on the dish.

6. You can stub out the smudge stick to save for future use. care should be taken when extinguishing smoldering sticks.

Caution: Never leave a lit sage unattended. Take care when using near animals and children. Ensure you have an area clear before lighting any fires and a means to extinguish flame.