Workshop - Intro to Aura & Crystal Cleansing


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This 2 hour group workshop is "All about Aura's and How to cleanse your crystals"

Who is it for?

Beginners and anyone who is interested in the aura energy fields that are part of us and would like to join in, a fun and interactive session.

We will also look at crystals and method to cleanse them.

What does it include?

This session will be for maximum of 10 people. We will learn about the different types of auric layers, practice scanning and cleansing the aura with crystals, sound and discuss other methods.

We will work with:

  • Our intuition to sense the aura
  • Our hands to scan and feel the aura
  • Other tools to cleanse the aura - such as crystals and sound
  • Sight and colour to learn methods to see and draw the aura.

Methods to cleanse the aura and crystals too.

This session is open to those who are curious about the aura and crystals.

Some people may not see the aura but may be able to use their intuition to sense it. Some people may not see or feel anything at all and that is perfectly fine. We will all have a fun time together trying out the methods.

This workshop is designed to be a fun, interactive session to encourage discussion.

A crystal gift to take home.

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm - approx 2 hours (with a break)

refreshments included

Location: Anchorhaven Mystical Wellness Studio, 51a New Chester Road, New Ferry, Wirral, CH62 1AA


Please note the following before booking:

  • This is not a personal reading or healing session. 
  •  If you are allergic to feathers, please make this known when booking or send us a message before the class.